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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
11:18 pm
Mike 95 New Liquor Review "Cirock"
NEW LIQUOR!!!!- "Cirock"
Mike 95's REVEIW-
Well its a very smooth Vodka & kinda Expensive About $30 a bottle But so worth it. I drank 2 bottles this weekend. Its made in France & Its Acctully made from Grapes Instead of Wheat & Potatos, So FATTIES...LESS CARBS! lol but yes they let the grapes Over ripe into The winter Untill The first Frost Then They pick em & Distill It 5 Times over. The Drunk is Kinda A Wine Drunk But Yr not all Horney. I drank 1/3 of the bottle myself & I was still standing around screaming "You aint Gangsta" in jersey & Not at all Feeling Slouchy Or Tired. NO Hangover & didnt feel like i was gonna throw up Once. But One thing is Memory loss a bit allthough if Your riding a scooter & drinking, PICK THIS ONE UP! I advise all To try this new Vodka & keep it in the stores. Also Its A REALLY COOL BOTTLE!!!

-Mike 95 Liquor Review

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
2:21 am
im druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunbk,

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
10:43 pm
good lawd, i forgot to post about getting drunk on new years. considering it was only like the second time i got drunk.
sufficed to say, i smashed my face against an aluminum pillar to freak out matt's girlfriend, and opened about thirty beers with my teeth.

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
10:27 am
Nothing like a drunken Irish wedding. Everyone was naturally shit faced. I stole a Guinness pint glass and a bunch of those little umbrella things. I really don't know what to write because when ever I get really excellently drunk it's just a "you had to be there" type of thing.. good times..
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
11:55 pm
hey, this is my first post. i guess people don't really post here anymore, but i've always read what was posted...so yeah, this probably won't be very interesting.

just got back from a week in ireland. REAL drunken irish fun, that's for sure, with lots of drunken irish. it's great to be in such a great place, especially when the (legal) drinking age is 18. i discovered that while in galway city at night, especially thursday nights (that's the weekend for all the uni kids because most of them go home on friday), you have to watch where you step because people tend to smash bottles and piss on the street. i guess that's anywhere really, but it's not that common where i live (springfield, va). i actually ended up meeting more germans in galway than irish because of the hostel i was in. all they spoke was german and they didn't drink much at all. they'd have like one drink and want to go back to bed. i did take 2 of the german girls in my room out for their first pint and pub experience, which they enjoyed so much they said they'd buy a tshirt. in dublin city a couple of older guys (mid 30s, i think) asked if i wanted to join them (i was alone), so i had a constant stream of free drinks from them, which was excellent, even though i think they were trying to get me drunk and take me home with them (they didn't succeed, although one of the guys emailed me the next day, haha/creepy). the only difficulty with it all is some accents are hard to understand in the first place, but even harder when overcome by alcoholic slurring.

so a great time was had, as well as lots of alcohol. galway was by far the coolest place i've ever had a drink. :)

that was my lame attempt at a post. for those who stuck through it, sorry.
Sunday, September 14th, 2003
11:55 pm
i hate not being drunk
i totally drank a shit load at that shitty wedding on saturday....
and i didn't get drunk. i really needed to be drunk. so i was fucking miserable.
life is fucking retarded.

Jen "take, never give" Simms

P.S.- only upside was the filet mignon, which kicked hardcore. the cake fucking sucked. it was orange. fucking ORANGE!!!
people are fucking stupid.

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Monday, September 8th, 2003
12:24 am
Scranton Weekend
Before leaving my Mom goes "you do see the irony in the fact that you're going back to the school that kicked you out for drinking amongst other things, to go drink?"
"that's the beauty of it, Mom"
"just don't get arrested"

So I take the bus up to Scranton. Let me tell you, I was excited enough to see old friends and stuff, but after sitting on a train and a bus for 5 hours, you get one hell of an adrenaline rush. I was screaming and running around for about an hour before I even got an booze in me. So I show up and make the rounds of saying hello to everyone. Then I finally track down Jeremy. He is at Katy's apartment and is awaiting me with a case of beer and a 2 liter bottle of Bacardi O. So we get to drinking. Katy has her own stuff. We call up the lovely Florida Jen and Liz. They come and they get to drinking, Things get ridiculous. I don't remember much. Apparently the following happened though.
We watched Donnie Darko with Spanish subtitles.
Me and Jeremy wrote a song for FBDH. it is even less readable than our sXe song. We figured out it's about raping a black midget, but Jeremy has the only copy as of now. I'll get it scanned later from him.
me and Jen were in an empty room int he apartment and the girl who was supposed ot live there decided it would be a good idea to move in while we were there. Hilarity ensued.
So we drink most of the Bacardi, most of the beer, are ridiculously drunk, so we decide to call it a night. (Jer had the foresight to hide the rum from ourselves so we wouldn't drink the full 2 liters in one night.)
I get snuck into Liz's dorm and me, Jen and Liz stay there the night.

Jen drives me to Jer's house in the morning so I can shower and what have you. We went out for breakfast (at 2 in the afternoon) and ended up going to Olive Garden instead. I introduce Jen and Liz to all my Scranton friends and they bond over the fag show. Jer gets back form band practice, we go to get drunk.
First we go back to Katy's apartment to kill what was left of the rum and beer. This was enough to get us drunk and we were thoroughly happy. We go to Jer's house and watch a lil Ghostbusters, then decided to call Dave so we can drink more. We go to some party, but it was dumb and all Freshmen and we knew no one, so we did the obvious. Sat by the keg and poured beer down our throats like it was our job. I don't remember much of what was left besides going back to Jer's house. We all slept there and this morning rolls around.
We wake up and just kinda bullshit around for a long while. Everybody leaves except me and Jer, so we make ribs. While they are cooking, we go to Tom and Dan's room to play some video games. Dan was humped repeatedly. Ribs were awesome, more video games, I almost miss my bus cause I lost track of time. Danzig's cousin Jen who lived in my building last year decided to be awesome and give me a ride to the bus station. I come home.
The end.

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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
9:49 pm
No one posts in here anymore, but i'll just throw this update from college in here.

Last Night:
17 kegs... huge party... nuff said.

Olney Style,

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
2:40 am
Weekend with Mike 95 (split post)
KEY: The "*"=Mike 95 Because he is a rockstar
The "-" = Sean moran Because he is a Dashing Young Man

*So yesterday I came home from work & everyone was boring as allways so I called Up Sean moran & he was down for some all NIght PhillY Crazy Fun! Yea so I met Sean & Kat , Toni & Liz & We went Minature golfing, It was quite fun, I Pissed on the 12th Hole cause I have a blatter problem which i use as an escuse to Act like a dog & pee Outside. Kat & Toni Had to Leave so me & sean Sat on The Corner of 5 Points Played Guitar Then I got some 40's From the bar & we started "The WALKING" I had on my Tuk 2's so it was all good....we Drank & walked & drank some more I Wore Sunglass's So i didnt know where we were going But really didnt care.

-- Yesterday, go for some minigolfing with Mike 95. Mike is now wearing a Weezer shirt, which is the least of the weirdness that occurred tonight. but yeah, me, Mike and these 3 like 15 yr olds go minigolfing. It was fun times. Mike set the bar early on in the night and pissed in a bush somewhere around the 12th hole. After golfing, me and Mike try to figure out what else to do for the night. Not wanting to go home, we wandered to 5 Points to use a payphone. Everybody said to call back later, so we get some 40's and get to walking. Not knowing where to drink, we wander all the way up to Castor and Tyson. We make some phone calls there. I don't remember why, but we walked back Cottman again. Oh and Mike also pissed baout 50 times throughout all this. In the bushes, on the side of cars, on people's lawns, on people's house, and even walking down the street walking next to me. Not since John Baum have I seen somebody pee so much.

*I was ready to sleep On The streets With My guitar But sean Insisted On taking all My Change to call Sluts where we could sleep lol But Then We called Up Amazing Heather & she let us come there to sleep. Mellisa & some other people drove Us About 10 blocks & I think they were all Pissy I dont rember but yea she let us order Pizza & was a great Host.

--We make even more calls and I dunno what happened, but we ended up calling kras. Kras was getting a ride from Melissa. Melissa pulls up with Kras, the lovely Erica O and Chu in the car. They drive us to 5 Points again and we walk to Heatha Flava's. At Heather's, we watched late night TV, ordered a pizza and they fucked it up and the lady was a cunt. FUCK QUALITY PIZZA IN THE DIRTY SHITTER. yeah, I said it. Oh and Heather poked me in the goddamned eye. I guess in retaliation for making fun of her about punching herself in the face. We sleep at Heather's.

*we woke Up Went To Popeyes chicken, Then me & sean sat on the coner & I played my guitar inThe rain waited for the bus & yea we went to my house & Got Ready For The Greatest Show EVER!!!!

--Popeye's chicken is good, but I'd rather have Taco Bell for spicy food. Still good stuff though. We take the bus to Mike's and Mike plays guitar the whole way. Mike only peed once on the way there.


*yea so I picked up a Bottle Of Rum & we were on our way to see KC & The Motha Fuckin Sunshine BAND! We Got to The show & as anyone woulda thought It'd Be sold out (lol) It wasnt . I said "Gimmi The best seats for the Least Money" & We Got UpGraded! We were on The Mothafuckin Floor Disco DANCIN To The TRAMS!:)

--We're going to see KC and the Sunshine band and the Village People. Is this my life? Are you fucking serious? So yeah, we need to get really drunk to pull this one off so Mike gets a bottle of rum. We drink the rum on the way and Mike only peed once we got there. Mike gets tickets and as you read, made the best line in the history of buying concert tickets. Since like nobody was at the concert, our tickets were upgraded and we just went down on the dancefloor.

*All the Groups were amazing & These 2 old ladys were grinding on me & Sean it was funn There were soooo many Old Ladys & gay Men, KC WAS AMAZING & PIMPIN IT!!! I was dancin all Night KC KICKED TOO MUCH ASS! I mean It was an Experince of a Lifetime.

--We watch all the bands, all of them were fun as hell and I love disco (I swear I don't fuck men in the ass). It wa slike all old couples but me and Mike still had ladies all up on our shit (they might be 2x as old as me, but I didn't care, i was having fun). We danced it up as best as we could for not knowing disco. Tramps and KC were the only people whos enames I remember, check pollstar fo rthe rest though.

* There were 2 really creepy gay guy starin at us so yea we sat in the seats & Watched THE VILLAGE PEOPLE.......The ORIGNAL BAND ....THE Cowboy (WHO SUCKS!) The Police man,The Indian, The Biker, The Navy man, & The Construstion Worker! lol THEY DANCED Like CRAZY & The Gay men were going fuckin WYLD.........Allthough they were 1/2 As good as KC & The sunshine band They were fun. We danced The YMCA & It was over.

--Thosegay guys weren't the "hey we're flaming" gay guys, they were the "I'm taking you in my van and fucking you hard" kinda gay guys, so we hid from them best we could and watch Village People form our seats. Th fags loved Village People and me and Mike just kept going "oh I hate that cowboy". We all rocked out to YMCA though like it was our jobs. I swear I'm not gay(not that there's anything wrong with that).

*The Subway ride Home There wasnt a work Spoken, Just Looking & Shaking Our heads in disgust That we seen KC & The Village People ....lol It was Fuckin The Greatest NIGHT/Weekend.

--The horror in our eyes as we came home. Nothing was said, just the occassional glare of pure hatred for somebody going to a disco show, even though we were both guilty. But fuck all that, best weekend ever.

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
6:40 pm
about to head to huge mountain house that we don't have to pay for at all with 2 other mics all armed with a case of black label beer to ourselves. i shall return with tons of drunken stories.

with me luck.

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
1:58 am
i've been working on bringing back "sike!" into my regular conversation.

somehow, i remembered this as i stumbled drukenly in my house this morning at sometime after 3 am.

as my dad sat at the computer, waiting up for me, i said,"dad, don't worry; i'm sober...sike!"

the end.

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
11:00 pm
Party At Blaise's
Ok, so Blaise is throwing a party and tells me to invite anybody and everybody I want. He obviously does not know me well enough because we were kicked out 4 times. Yes, 4 times.

The people who I invite do not know anybody else at this party. This becomes a huge factor later on. I'm the only person who knows people because I went to school with a bunch and know Blaise obviously.

I'm not gonna do the name everybody as they showed up because I'm bad with names and there were like 50 kids or so to name and I don't feel like listing 25 and having people like "dood u forgot me!!!!!111"

So I start off my night during my sister Maggie's birthday party during the day. Doug and Jeff pick me up about 8:30ish, fashionably late for the party which started at 7. I'm still fairly buzzed when we show up. Not too many kids there. Started drinking from the free keg of Yuengling. Yes, free quality booze. Adventure. Me and Doug lose a round of beer pong where I purposely fileld the cups a little too much anyways. I am not pushed over the edge and drunk.

We go into the backyard and Miguel and Raandy do a double beer bong, which was no foam and easily one of the largest I have ever seen. Kudos to you. (Somebody took pictures, I will post them on here if youc an send them to me).

Go into the basement and there's these Irish girls down there. Of I have to go talk to them. Of course I try and brag about Irish culture stuff. Of course I throw in that i'm Catholic. Of course one of the Irish girls grabs my dick when I say I'm Catholic? only me, I swear.

There were these ball Christmas lights strung across the ceiling. All different colors. Of course some great lines concerning them were "hey, blueballs" and "turn your head, cough". By the end of the night, most of the balls were missing and all the lights torn down, woops.

Blaise's band starts playing, not bad, but I didn't feel like sitting around to watch when the party was going on. When everybody went to go see them, me and Heatha Flava were just chilling on the couch. like 8 times people walked in and were like "oh, I'm sorry" like were gonna start going at it midparty.

Blaise's band is done and a bunch of the guys do some improv songs and we all sang and rocked out. It was memorable because we never knew the words to the songs and sang whatever. Me, Doug and Heather especially rocked at doing that.

Everything after that is kinda hazy for me up until we ran out of booze the 2nd time (the keg got kicked and somebody made a run and bought a bunch of cases of Beast). So when the Beast ran out, we were just all chilling, people were playing music again so I go in that room. We are rocking out and decided "hey look, a flourescent light bulb, hey look, flourescent paint, let's paint things". So Doug sprays my shirt all with it, I spray paint "FBDH" on the drums because my band is awesome (my band is Free Beer, Drugs and Hookers by the way). Randy had paint all on his face and all over the drums and stuff. I forget where else it was, but it was fun.

We are told to leave. for the first time. "we have to let the people who are driving sober up, soon as they're good we'll go". We congregate in the kitchen. Irish girls are there again. We all start getting loud again and singing soccer fight songs. Attempt to kick us out number 2 happens. Same excuse, we all go in the backyard.

Now keep in mind it's just me and my friends getting kicked out. Everybody else was allowed to stay. And while we wanted to stay kinda, we really did need the drivers to sober up, so it was fucked up that they were trying so bad to make us leave.

So we're in the backyard and we have our own various bottles of whatever (I have no clue where any of this came from except for Jeff's Rumple Minze which he had from the get go). And they kick us out again for just still being there. "we can't go nowhere, our drivers are all still drunk". "then fucking go out front and wait, but you have to leave".

So we all wait on the front lawn, in the street, and on the curb. We're being loud of course, every once and awhile some guys come out like they're ognna say something. Obviously being feared of getting beat, they pussy out and go back in the house. Blaise hasn't been seen for hours so I can't bitch to him that his sister and friends are being dicks to us. A truck goes by, we make it honk a lot. It's 5 AM. Blaise's sister comes out and tells us we have to leave again. "we're outside, how can we leave any more?" "just go"

Hojo, me and Mike all leave in the same car. I pass out in the back seat. We get Taco Bell and then I crash at Mike's.

Successful night? I think so.

If anybody who was there has more little tales of drunken debauchery I left out, let me know. Oh and somebody had a camera. if you don't have a scanner, I do and wanna post them real bad.

And now I am home, drinking a 12 pack of vanilla coke to recover. I so rule at life.

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Monday, July 28th, 2003
1:01 am
Down the Shore
Day One

Myself, Jeff O'Neil, Mike 95, Hojo and a couple others whose names escpae me now go down the shore. I drink half a bottle of Rumple Minze and we walk down to the beach. Just kind bullshitted there for a bit. We all had drinks with us. Some beach patrol or something comes so we run for it. On the way back to the house Jeff is acosted by the cops for changing a sign around. Nothing comes of it. We drink through the night. 7 AM rolls around and we go to get breakfast. It doesn't open til 8, so we go to the boardwalk and scream at people. Get breakfast, go to bed at like 10AM.

Day Two

Wake up, don't want to start drinking again til I get some food in me, so myself and Hojo go get pizza. We get back and Hojo goes to sleep, I start drinking with everybody else. We go to the boardwalk. Make a video for "We Didn't Start the Fire". Hojo gets bothered by the cops. Hojo and mike 95 promptly dissappear, so we decide to look for frogs in the sand dunes. Looking for frogs turns into stripping down to our boxers and going swimming. Going swimming turns into running from the cops with clothes in our hands, then hiding in the sand dunes. We head back to the house. We see Mike and Hojo on the way. The people whose names I can't remember all leave for home at like midnight. The rest of us drink all night. Some chicks came over. One left, the other one just stayed the night. We wake up. Wait forever for a ride home, but finally get it and that's it.

Memorable Moments

"Ask her if she has lint in her vagina. I bet she does."
"Elvis is number 1! Fuck Oprah!"
The psychopath landlord yelling in the window for us to open up at 3 in the afternoon (sleepytime).

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
3:35 pm
Buffalo Irish Festival
August 22,23, and 24

Come out it'll be a good time, I'll buy ya drink. I'm pretty sure I'll be dancing on one of those days, but probably be there everyday though. Right. Hopefully over the weekend I'll drink my face off and have some sort of interesting tale to tell. Until then.

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Sunday, July 20th, 2003
2:55 pm
I blew a .10 when I was cited, and that was only after a 6pack
This isn't so much a question to the community as it is a challenge. I've recently read a story online where somebody bought themselves a breathalyzer. The sole purpose being to try to see how druk they would get. It was so successful that in the story, the guy passes out, wakes up the next morning and still blows a .09, meaning he still would be illegal to drive.

The breathalyzers run about $90. My challenge to you is to get you and your buddies to chip in for one and take it out one night. If enough people in the community do it, I may have a contest later to see who can blow the highest BAC. Tell me what you guys think about the contest and I urge you to try and get a breathalyzer anyway, just for kicks.

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Friday, July 18th, 2003
5:20 pm
The debauchery ensues...
Hey there,
I'm new the kid in town and I just wanted to say "hi," plus I wanted to pose a question to the community. I was watching TV the other night and I saw this ad for this pill called "Chasers" that is supposed to kill a hangover. You're supposed to take the pills before you drink and then the next morning you're not supposed to feel like you drank the night before. My questions are: has anyone else heard of this, has anyone tried it, and if so, does it work? Let me know.

BTW, if anyone lives in the Denver/Ft. Collins area I might have the line on a killer party on Saturday night (7/19). If you're interested give me a shout.

You've been a great audience. Enjoy Dropkick Murphys...
Thursday, July 10th, 2003
6:55 pm
Surf's up, my friends...
Okay, I have discovered a new love.

Surfer's on Acid

Jagermeister, Malibu Vodka and Pineapple Juice. Last night I was taking shots of that as though it was water. It was the hott shit. Tuesday night and last night I partied it up at the wonderful Dan Adair's house. At one point Matty G and Jared were in the middle of a gigantic spanish conversation which had me totally enthralled and Matt's phone rings and he answers it and the spanish continues. He muttered the words "Casa Del Dan" and memories of last summer came flooding back to me. Crazy.

Anyway so considering all I did was put up $6 for booze in the last two nights I would say that it was a complete and total success. Made friends with this kid Ryan who, as it turns out, lives a few blocks away from me, and who also has the most amazingg eyes I've ever seen.

At one point I was sitting at a bench with Chelsea and this kid Ben was leaving and I'm looking at him and it hit me who he reminded me of. So I turn to Chels and go "hey, have you ever seen hollywood squares?" and she just started cracking up because she knew exactly what I was taling about. Ten minutes later I came up with his name: Bruce Valanch. Haha... we were going to ask him for his autograph on his wayy out and be like "I loved you and Whoopie." Dan let me wear the drunk hat, which really belonged to Matty G but made its way around to a lot of the party guests. The last shot I took sent me over the edge because then I had a brief yet important meeting with one of Dan's trashcans. Haha.. I went the whole week down the shore of hardcore drinking without getting sick but I guess last night was just not my night.

Want to know the best thing about the evening? The awesome Jen and Jackie Gimbel bought a fabulous surprise with them. A pinata. Made the party absolutely complete. Matty G hit it open and there was candy abound. Also, cool whistles and harmonica's and damn if Jen didn't throw some lighters in there too. Hott shit. There were also theses masks which everyone was wearing and at one point I'm in the kitchen with Matt and this girl Jean and she goes "does anyone else feel as though they should be in the movie eyes wide shut?" and she was dead on. The mask came off after that comment.

But yeah, so eventually it came time to head home, much to my chagrin and the chagrin of other party guests, but Col and I hit the road. Rolled in my aunts house around 3, went right to bed and slept to 11ish today. Good times, good times.

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
5:16 pm
saturday night, and my brain's in the gutter....
here is my account of my drunken misadventures last night:

**sorry sean, i'm hungover and i didn't feel like re-typing it over again, so i just cut and pasted from my first journal post. yeah fuck you**

i waited for dawn and monika to come pick me up, which they did. it was good seeing dawn again, because i seriously haven't seen nor talked to her in like, 2 months. good friend i am... well its also her fault too.
anyway! we went over monika's house. they got a bottle of the really good tequila that i drank with sal of salsolitoes. so i took many a shot. i wasn't keeping count, of course, but i bet i had about...
i dunno....
8-9. and all within 2-3 minutes of eachother. it hit me fast, so then i was like "hahah how 'bout i drink some beer too?!" so i did... then i was like "kasidoihklsdnflkjsdlify hahahhahaah you're stupid!! hiuaskljdfl;jviif"
yeah i was wrecked. if matt wasn't drunk and he would asked me to let him tattoo "ASSHOLE" across my forehead, i would have let him. i was that fuct up. not many people were there. frankly, i can't remember saying anything nice to anyone. some new kid was there, and i was trying to be nice to him and shit. but he looked at me like i was retarded, or he wanted to fuck me or something. ah well, fuck that kid. **actually, dawn already did. hahahahahah!**
i pretty much remember getting a red plaid belt from monika which is hot as fuck. i remember taking all these crazy as fuck pictures **WHICH MONIKA HAD BETTER SEND ME EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM!!! i really wanna see them because they're really funny. i even want the ones with momo with the shotgun and whiskey. hahhah**
i remember hanging out with monika and having a lot of inside jokes that dawn didn't know about and she got all sorts of pissed off because of them. i remember monika showing me the full results of her stab job, and me getting so upset and crying while yelling at her "you stupid fucking bastard! it should have been ME!!" and momo started crying because i was crying. we were so wrecked. i mean, I WAS SO WRECKED I THREW UP!! jensimms vomitting rarely ever happens while drunk. so you know i was fuct.
so, trying to help me, monika gave me these pills that are supposed to make you not feel sick and comfort your stomach if its upset and all that jazz.
they were somethin' all right...
i took about 8 of them.
i don't think you're supposed to do that...
i think they started working, but then i ended up throwing them up too about an hour or more later. i pretty sure i threw up blood.... i mean, it was dark in the bathroom, and all i could see was this blackish/brown/red shit come outta my mouth. so maybe it was blood? i dunno.
i'm apparently ok now. i went into the back room and passed out. or... at least, tried to, because i was so fucked up, i was fighting the spins, nausia, and death. i'm pretty sure i almost died. then momo came in and i asked him to talk to me so i wouldn't die. which, asking him to talk is usually a bad idea, because he never shuts the fuck up. i just told him to make sure i didn't die and not to spoon me... i would have killed him. so we watched a shitty copy of x-men2 and i passed out. i woke up, feeling quite alright. momo didn't spoon me, i was happy as shit about that. although he did steal all the goddamn covers. fucker. so i walked out into the hall way to take a piss, and there's dawn standing there, barely dressed, drinkin a cup of ramen like it were coffee.. hahahha. oh man. so i stuck with her for the rest of the afternoon. we sat in the middle room, watching tv. then we went to wawa to get food and came back and ate. then more tv watching until i bugged her to take me home.
and here i am...
**phew** very much bleh feeling... more physically tired with a headache, but not feeling so hungoverish. i guess those pill thingys did something good.
i really wanted to go out and do something constructive today, but right about now, its kinda late, i'm feeling all blah, and i would never be all gussied up and ready to go do anything before 8.
so fuck it. today's my recovery day.
so fuck you guys up your stupid asses with no vaseline. i rule so fucking hard that it knocks your clothes right off.
you so wish you were me... hangover and all.

Jen "wear your heart, on your own sleeve, at your own risk" Simms

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Saturday, July 5th, 2003
3:27 pm
Just taken from my journal because I thought this was funny.
I drunkenly make my way from my house to FDR skate park. I don't know how I did this. I just know I called Kras a lot. I do remember at one point I called Kras and was like "I'm lost in a baseball field somewhere" and that I saw redhead Chrissy at one point and she just went "Where the fuck did you just come from? like you seriously just came out of the trees".

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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
12:32 am
my friend meg is having a party friday. and HER MOM WILL BE THERE! HER MOOOOM! PERFECT OPPORTUNITY! this is gonna be gooood, everyone wish me luck.

Current Mood: drunk like a nun
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